Friday, June 22, 2012

Moar Kickstarter

This is a Hyabusa pic, not the kickstarter thing.
So some folks out there are kickstarting a satellite.

The project is actually a time-share sensor kind of thing but man it's a satellite and that's one big step for kickstarting.  Or one small step for crowd sourcing maybe.  I essentially participated in the same kind of idea when I contributed (directly and indirectly through membership) to the Planetary Society's Solar Sail projects and although the first two of those didn't make it, I don't resent the money spent and hope they keep trying.  Space exploration is expensive and risky.  It's also totally worth every cent in my opinion because the eventual pay-offs are huge and unexpected.  I don't know how these guys are getting around all the red tape of putting something in orbit - I would imagine that that costs more than the actual hardware.  I know the Planetary Society had a lot of fun dealing with U.S. national security red tape. Anyway I only hope that these guys have success with their project.  Maybe the Planetary Society should kickstart their next project - expand their crowd sourcing base as it were.

I remember the excited chatter on the Internet when Google did their Virgle April Fool's Day* spread.  I wonder what would happen if someone tried to Kickstart something really big - like an asteroid exploration drone or a Europa ballistic test.

*or was it?!

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