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Mecha - more details on the setup

God I'm getting swamped at work and it's come at the same time I want to post a pile of stuff both about the Mecha game and on my Beacon blog.  Anyway to further along the SRS I'm piecing together for those of you following along at home, here's the more detailed scenario stuff that expands on the intro, including a more detailed synopsis that I read to the players (I hate front loading a setting but this game I think calls for that approach) that includes a run down of the three main factions, and the specs for player equipment and ships

The Setup 
It is 2171.
You are all novice pilots aboard the CSF space carrier Jeanne D’Arc, a B class fusion drive fighter carrier designed for autonomous operations in the outer solar system. The Jeanne D’Arc carries a complement 63 crewmen servicing four full fighter squadrons and three multi purpose tugs. Each fighter squadron consists of five short range high thrust single pilot spacecraft equipped with solid fuel missiles and a short range pulse laser.  Squadrons are kept in a regular rotation of four active pilots with one reserve, however full squadrons of five are maintained during crises or in times of war. The CSF, or Coalition Space Fleet, is the space based military arm of the United National Coalition, an alliance of national entities consisting of the European Union, Russia, Japan, South Africa, various corporations (most notably West American and New York), and their L5, Martian, and Saturn colonies. At this time the CSF is a distinct and autonomous entity from the mostly planet-based CAF (Coalition Armed Forces) although the two share operations throughout the solar system.

The Prologue 
Practical Fusion technology has brought unlimited cheap energy to mankind and powered the first wave of colonization of the solar system.  It was almost too late.  Reliance on increasingly rare fossil fuels had devastated the biosphere and caused huge social and political divisions between countries as a rush to occupy remaining oil reserves ensued.  Global temperatures and pollution rose in tandem with population and massive die offs of sea life caused corresponding collapses of natural food chains on the land.  As energy became more expensive and more ecologically destructive to obtain, blackouts, starvation, rioting and military suppression became commonplace across the globe.

In North America, religious fundamentalism coupled with an unserviceable national debt caused the breakup of the United States which in turn caused many other world governments to collapse. The vast United States military complex stepped in and provided muscle for the more conservative ‘red’ states to withdraw from world government and to consolidate US occupied territories abroad.  This was not a peaceful process. In 2065 nuclear weapon strikes in Israel and Jordan caused massive destruction and loss of life.  In the ensuing global panic with entire governments collapsing, corporations lobbied for and gained the right to exist as entities at the national level, appropriating a number of states, bolstering others and snatching up real estate wholesale from any countries with resources to exploit.  Still living conditions deteriorated.

During this time China shocked the rest of world with the establishment of a permanent lunar colony.  The establishment of the Chang’e colony almost caused the collapse of the remaining United States, still mired in a dozen oil based wars. This galvanized the predominantly christian military leadership into a drastic realignment and the Christian Trade Alliance was formed.  The CTA redirected their resources into developing a space capability and made it a priority to establish permanent space bases and to land Christians on Mars.

European and Japanese breakthroughs in alternative energy, and especially fusion technology proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel, however adoption was not fast or uniform.  The remaining United Nation states and corporate entities who had least access to oil and gas reserves were the first to adapt.  A culture of shared research and communication established strong alliances among its remaining members.  Corporate espionage ensured that that technology breakthroughs were widely disseminated, but it was the culture of collaboration that drove the adoption of decentralized energy and new food production methods and the rise of a small but powerful meritocracy.  This much more unified remnant of the United Nations became the United National Coalition, leading the way for rebuilding on earth and developing new industry in space.
The Players

The United National Coalition consists of most of Europe, Russia and Japan, various national corporations (notably West American and New York), South Africa, L5 colonies, Martian colonies*, Saturn moon colonies.  The UNC has the smallest space fleet of the big three powers, consisting of 8 carrier ships, two dozen cruisers and some 50 auxiliary, transport and gun ships. The UNC also has the smallest conventional military, relying on small but high tech forces and drone systems for protection.
The Republic of China (RC) consists of China, Central Africa, and the large Chang’e Moon Colony.  The RC has the largest conventional ground force and possesses a large short range space fleet.  They control the trade of H3 from the moon to earth and maintain large numbers of mid-size response cruisers and satellites in near earth space but are not well represented further out in the solar system.
The Christian Trade Alliance (CTA) consists of the American Confederacy, Mexico and Central America, AMECO (American Middle East Corporation), Brazil, Australia, North African Union, Mars colonies, and asteroids.  The CTA has the second largest military and the largest space fleet operating outside near earth orbit.  The CTA fleet numbers some 30 large carriers and a few hundred cruisers and support craft.

Personnel Equipment

In personal combat a character can carry 2 items (standard is 1 weapon and a flak suit).  Otherwise it’s not a big deal.  Weapons have a range and a damage type.  All weapons do the same damage.  Armor has a damage amount and type it protects against.  All other items are basically macguffins.

  • Pistol (1/ballistic)
  • Rifle (4/ballistic)
  • Laz Rifle (3/laser)
  • Crowbar (0/impact)
  • Flak Armor (1 ballistic)
  • Repair Kit/ Med Kit/ Computer Core/ Hacking Deck/ Briefcase / Fishbowl /Hello Kitty Doll...

Fighter Equipment

A vehicles (fighters) WEAPONS rating determines how many weapon systems it can be equipped with. Weapons have a range and a damage type.  All weapons do the same damage.    Switching between ammo types is possible between combat encounters.  Weapon loadouts could be altered using a repair scene (when appropriate).

Fighter Stats:
Weapons: 2
Armor: 1
Technology: 1
Speed: 2

Fighter Weapon loadout:
Hammerhead Missile Pack: (3/ballistic) or Cerberus Missile Pack (3/energy)
Light Pulse Cannon (1/laser)

Examples of other vehicle weapon types:
Flak Cannon (1/ballistic)
Chain Cannon (3/ballistic)
Mass Driver (4/impact)
Field Pulse Cannon (4/energy)

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