Monday, October 29, 2012

Going to Hammercon

Wow, after all that posting stuff about Mecha I've been pretty quite on this blog.  However no regrets and I'm sure that I'll have a bunch to post after I get back from HammerCon IV this weekend (cue some faint fan-fair - wooo wooo).  I've signed up to run a game of Civilization and a game of Galactic Emperor this year and I sincerely hope that I get a good turnout since some crazy administrative problems prevented my games from getting  posted for two weeks and thus missed pre-registration.

And it's Avalon Hill Civilization - not them new ones.  Old school - that game still rocks even if there are issues with length - I can still say that I've enjoyed every game.  I would have liked to run Twilight Imperium 3 again because it was a good time and I really enjoyed finally getting to take it for a spin, however I did say last year that if it went well I should run Civ next time since it's out of print and a lot of people have never got to check it out.  So here we are next year and I'm hoping to get a full on 7 player game going.  It's going to run from 11am - 7:30 pm which should be enough time but might scare off some players.  If it goes well maybe next year I can run Machiavelli...

Galactic Emperor is because I am not going to be playing TI3 this time.  It cover the same ground but is a little lighter fare.  I enjoyed it but I'm going to have to cram on the rules again just to be sure I can run it smoothly.  It's supposed to be a 90 minute game but I an see it taking 3 hours.  I'm going to supplement the 4 hour timeslot with some Zombies!!! or something.

So looking forward to some fun in The Hammer.

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