Thursday, January 24, 2013

The New Crew

My opinion on setting up for a run is that you need to be light about it but you need to think it too and if you go too light or too ready it's no good either way.  I had a long time to consider things while healing up and helping out them Farthrow missionaries, and I figured that I was pretty used to setting up and working a plan and maybe that's where I had that problem before.  Plans were like wishes and you could get attached to wishing instead of seeing what you got.  I was just about ready to get back down in The Cut and maybe find some folks and join their crew and I decided to go lighter the next time I did a run, less thinking it.  I was putting it off mostly, I knew I was on top of things again from a physical angle but I wasn't too happy about having to be low cat on the scrotum pole and having to smile it up or fight all the time anymore.  So it was lucky me when the Dubliner pilot Patio came looking for me in the creche.  I kind of considered old Patio a decent guy because he represented himself very well when we jacked his shuttle that time.  I was kind of surprised when he said he knew a fellow that was looking to get a crew together because I thought offworlders were kind of like them adams and all businessmen and workers and all tubes and cubes and stuff.  But I should have known there was crews out there in the other worlds too cause people need to get by, funny ways or not.

I kind of figured that I'd have to prove myself and so right off when Patio introduced me to the crew boss I made myself useful and hooked him up.  He said he needed to do a run for some data and I knew I could help out and make some points with him because I still had a line on access chips.  He sure was a weird guy though and I couldn't figure his tell or if he was playing me or not because he set me right up with some really fresh gear for that find.  It was really fresh gear too, way too good for some old finder share.   I watched him real close but couldn't figure him so I suspected he was working it to see what I would do.  I made he was running a test on me but not like the usual fight or beatdown, he was running my personality.  He asked me what kind of trade he'd need to get a decent corp chip so he could tap their terminal and when I asked what he had, he pulled out some real quality meds and food bars.  We were in a pretty crummy dive and he was waving around some real flash and attracting lots of attention which I also couldn't figure.  And sure enough one really big old mutie comes over to mess with him and then I knew what was going on.  This was a set up so I could call this guy out and he did it because I was so small and all and he figured I'd back out and he'd get back all that gear anyhow.  Well he didn't know that I was Eloi, and that was really some quality gear.

The mutie was really big and he had some kind of skin thing that made him look pretty tough and hard to cut.   He was touchy about it too and tried to give the boss a hard time over it.  There was a small gang with him but he was a bit spooked and cooling off a bit too and also a hard guy in the bosses crew had give him back some spine while he was sniffing around.  He started walking away and so I didn't want to miss my chance so I called out 'Hey you forgot yer skin cream' and sure enough then he comes at me like a storm.  I figured I should play it a bit cause this was my show, so I waited for him to close and then jumped up at the last when he took his swing. But factually I was still a bit tight and I botched it up.  I hadn't done much slash and tumble in the cloud hugger creche, so I was way out of practice.  I jumped too slow and he clipped me pretty good and I was on the floor.  Ugly's buddies step up too thinking maybe they'll score some of our flash, but the rest of this new crew is all moving in on them and it's back and forth a while and everyone in there except the boss. Then I saw my chance to put this guy out and quick as tunnel snakes I jump up and drop the guy.  We lit out of there pretty quick after that.

I thought the boss would be all perturbed because I botched it, but he was still playing it really fresh.  I couldn't figure him out, either he had a wicked hard scheme running or maybe he was just all tell and didn't care. He wanted to know the best way across town to my chip guy and when I told him we could go below and use the tube he was all for it, till he found out we'd have to walk.  I guess on his planet they have trains running in their shit tubes or something.  Anyway he wasn't hot to walk so we got a rickshaw and I made a good trade with some of them food bars to get us there without any shakedowns or jacks.  I was all tweaked too and feeling very fine because this crew seemed alright and wasn't mean or stupid either.  This crew were almost like folks, and we were on a run.

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