Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slacking Off

Been off the airwaves for a bit, but I'm still doing stuff and that means I'll have things to write about.  Here's a bullet list of all the fun stuff I may or may not write about later on sometime.

  • I've been having fun playing a series of unlucky losers in our Dungeons Crawl Classics game.  Man those guys were bottom of the pile, but it's often fun to play random murder hobos and make them into special snowflakes...or some kind of flake anyway.  You can read about that here.
  • Got to play Game of Thrones second edition and I'll probably write that up soon.  I feel obligated to make my comments about the graphics and the rules streamlining.
  • Had a chance to read the updated Mecha rules and the new Mecha Mercenaries book.
  • My Reaper Minis are in a dogsled somewhere over Greenland, but soon to arrive and when they do I'll try to get some pictures up.
  • I managed to grab the Ashen Stars source book and I'm working on a little adventure for that.
  • I been listening to a lot of the Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff pod cast.  Man them dudes can talk about stuff.
  • Work is crazy so I'm playing lazy.

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