Saturday, October 26, 2013

Star Wars

My bounty hunter was down, shot by the foul slaver Trex.  My partner, the smuggler, patched me up with a stim pack while my other partner, the wookie, rushed the gangplank. 
I managed to get off a shot from a crouch position and take out one of the battle droids.  The smuggler nailed the other droid.

Trex backpedaled up into the ship but the wookie was right behind him delivering a savage blow.

I ran up the gangplank and landed the final shot on Trex.  We fired up the engines and launched just as the garrison of storm troopers rushed the hanger.  Then we had to shoot down a quartet of tie fighters.  It was a close dogfight and we were down to just two hull points before we were able to make the jump to lightspeed.  Glad I brought my tool kit.

And so that's how you play Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

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