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From the journal of Weilheim Krombach

This is an post session account written from the perspective of a character in a Trail of Cthulhu game.  It details events occurring after the game sessions and references other characters from those sessions.  I wrote it after waking in the wee hours of the morning and it was pretty much formed in my mind with the exception of some adhoc historical references I researched to bring verisimilitude to the tale.
From the journal of Weilheim Krombach:
January 6th, 1933
It is a cold morning and the land lady is still refusing to turn the heat up.  I am beginning to regret leaving my previous apartments, however it was unavoidable, and to look back is not productive.  I consider the funds saved are being redirected into much more profitable pursuits than mere creature comfort.  I have confidence that Mr. Monroe is as good as his fees would suggest and he will soon ascertain the location of Miss C.  

However despite mild physical discomforts, I am eager to get started today.  Of the two distillations, the second is most promising.  Subject A is responding as usual to the drug, however yesterday Subject B was able to make quite detailed drawings of the mysterious male figure in their shared hallucination.  His progress, is remarkably swift as he was only recently remanded into my care.  I found his illustration quite flattering in fact, he has some measure of artistic talent.  Of the unusual doglike entities however neither man is yet able to clearly recall their specific dimensions or aspect.  I think a slight increase in the dosage may yield insights without undue risk, although I believe Subject A should soon be started on morphine as a counter to opiate habituation.   I am still unsure how both subjects can have such accord in the details of their respective experience, however the crime scenes did display a corresponding similarity, especially as to the manner of traumas suffered by the unfortunate victims.  
As to that, while being somewhat biased against Mr. Moon, I nevertheless would not wish such a fate on any man. The horrific wounds speak to a killer of tremendous savagery and have made such an impression on both men that they to this day will not sit against any wall but instead will remain firmly in the centre of any closed room, even without chair or light.  Subject B retains such a fear he will not even let his gaze fall upon the corners of a room.  I hypothesize that experiencing the death, no say murder, of his employer without any benefit of companionship is the reason that Subject B exhibits the stronger neurosis and possibly why he is responding much more strongly to the Black Lotus.  Perhaps even the sad company afforded by my unfortunate cadre, incoherent and unconscious as we were at the time, was the shred of leavening that allowed Mr. Cameron to retain his sanity where his poor doppelg√§nger did not.

Thankfully I have not as late received any call from the police department.  Either it has been a peaceful winter, or inspector Fellows has sought another forensic consultant.  I find myself relieved as I do not think I could again work closely with that man, and so thankfully have not yet had to find an excuse to decline an invitation to do so.  Besides, my current work seems so much more important.  Finding common psychotic imagery I have been re-reading Jung's Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido and finding new respect for his work which I had previously dismissed as puerile.  I have heard he is planning a trip to America next year or the year after and I would greatly like to discuss my research with him on that occasion.

The fellow from the Durant Motor company has still been unable to find a replacement dashboard for my automobile.  He has told me the line has been sold to Dominion Motors and I must now contact his counterpart in Canada, which I am loath to do.  I would prefer to avoid returning to Toronto if at all possible.

Introduced in 1930, the 112 inch wheelbase, model 612 featured a 58 horsepower six-cylinder engine, A.C. oil filter and the"Pullman attachment". The "Pullman attachment" converts the interior of the car into a reclining couch.
Fact sheet: 19301931.

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