Thursday, February 2, 2012

Word Association Game

Back in my salad days me and the lads would like to play a quick little game called Word Association Game First One To Say Furrier Wins.  There were two rules for the game, the first was you would say something related to what the last person just said and the other was the first one to say "Furrier" won the game.  Yes, I know.  To be fair we spent a lot of time driving around looking for beer and gas money.

It was considered bad form to just blurt out "Furrier" unless the association was there to be made.  It was also considered masterful to say "Furrier" and win when there was no real association but it felt right to take the win.  I'm not sure if solemn nodding and muttering things such as  "Nice one, centurion" was the standard congratulations or not, but I'd like to remember it that way.  We actually played this a lot and despite the looseness of the format, the games could become pretty interesting.  As interesting as word association can be in any case.  When we were on the game you could see people trying to plant the seeds for a "furrier" and others trying to dance away from it all while trying not to bow to the white elephant of animal hide.  Oh that's mostly BS but still it was fun.

I've had a lot of fun working on my Fantasy RPG Beacon and posting my thoughts on it on the Beacon blog  but I've decided that I need a place to write my thoughts on OTHER topics.  I thought that it would be good to have a dumping ground a restful contemplation gallery for these thoughts.  I'm going to post some ideas on how I'd like to run a Traveller RPG game, or maybe just discussion about Google+ gaming in general.  I'm going to talk about some books and movies, and perhaps try out some board game reviews.  I don't want to make the focus too diffuse by getting into politics or other weird shit, but if it's interesting to me and it's not specifically about Beacon then I'll likely mention it here.  If I can steer one person into playing Fantasy Flight's A Game of Thrones or watching Highlander who wouldn't have otherwise, I'll consider it a success.

I think I actually wrote something derisive about what I called Cousin's Soup blogs - or those blogs that talk about your relatives recipes, or what you had for dinner, or the funny story why your aunt was late for her flight to Seattle.  I still don't care about most of that stuff, but I do recognize the irony of my blogging about stupid stuff you might not care about.  In my defense I encourage you not to read anything you aren't interested in.  Ya you probably don't give a rat's ass about a lot of this stuff, but I want to write about it anyway.  I think I need a more free form place to do that.  I could have started writing about this stuff on the Beacon blog, but I really wanted to keep it focused for the people (forsooth the vast numbers of people!) who are interested in Beacon.  So here's the new blog.  There's more than one way to skin that cat.

Also "Furrier".

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