Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The kick off

I wanted to kick things off with something everyone is interested in so that people reading this blog for the first time will get a sense of inclusiveness and feel they belong in my target demographic.  So I'm going to say a few things about my passion for Morris Dancing.

Morris Dancing in Oxford

Actually I don't know dick about Morris Dancing.  I mean I don't have anything against it, I think it's great and everything, but I was just putting it in there to show how this blog isn't going to be another blog about Beacon or Old School RPGs or anything.

However, you know who does like Morris Dancing?  Scott Nicholson from Board Games with Scott likes Morris Dancing. Scott does board game reviews online and they are great. I bought Die Macher based on his review/walk through of it as well as Imperial by Rio Grande games.  I'm still looking for a copy of Indonesia which looks sweet.  I like boardgames and there are so many good and bad ones out there it's very helpful to me to have people who review them and especially reviews that outline how the game plays.  A couple other good board game reviewers I try to keep up with are Tom Vassal and Matt Drake.  Tom Vassal loves games and the videos and reviews on his site The Dice Tower show it.  Matt Drake is a is a bit of alright as well, and has a good game review blog (more edgy than Scott or Tom - he often mentions things like 'crack hookers'  - you've been warned) called Drake's Flames.

I like boardgames and I'll be writing about them in the future but I wanted to draw some attention to these fellows who, in addition to the Board Game Geek website, are probably the primary sources I go to when sussing out if I'll add a new game to my library.

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