Monday, August 5, 2013

Axe guy

This guy is not a Reaper Bones acquisition but he's pretty groovy.  He is all done the with base coat and I just have to fix up his right eye, do a wash, and then lacquer him up.  Then I'll glue some junk to his base, maybe try some old oregano this time.  In the back you see a couple of the plastic Bones minis I've started on. They are a bit bendy, but then again I don't have to worry about breaking off buddy's sword or bending that dude's bow too much when working.

I haven't done a lot of painting on the Bones yet, and I am practicing on some of the old minis I had never finished along side my initial test pieces.  It is a different way to paint than I'm used to, not that I am seasoned painter by any means.  You aren't supposed to need primer on the Bones minis, but I think I'll look into options for it anyway because if you thin your paint to where it's nice to apply, it kind of beads up on the soft Bones plastic.  I had gotten into a grove with metal minis and I was used to painting over black primer because all the hard to reach spots are shadowed by default.  Painting the Bones minis, I am always seeing white bits where I missed a spot - always - I'll never get them all!  For standard dude size minis I think I still prefer the metal ones, since they are easier to prep and prime.  I find when trimming the flash on the soft plastic you can get some 'fur' going on if  you are not careful.  The plastic gets all rough and hairy.  I also find it hard to see the fine details and mold lines in the white plastic before it's painted. I think that the larger Bones will be better to work with though, they are a bit sturdier but are lighter than metal and certainly easier to put together than metal ones.  It will be fun working on the bigger pieces and I won't have to worry so much about gluing them wrong or breaking them as I would with big metal pieces.

And here's a closeup of one of the Bones minis (in forced perspective no less!).  This is my new DCC character (the previous two died).  He's an elf but his skin is blue because of a spell corruption effect.  He's pretty much done with the base coat as well and now needs a little cleanup before going for a wash.  I'm not even sure I can lacquer and dulcote these guys or if that coating would wind up cracking with the more flexible material.  I'll find out I guess.

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  1. Can't wait to see these guys at the table. Especially Barcephelas the Blue!