Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend painting update

I'm slowly making progress on the big pile of minis I have, those from before and those I was shamed into buying from the Reaper Bones kickstarter.  If nothing else having a huge pile of minis staring me down gives me something to use up the paint I bought a couple years ago.  I have to admit I do enjoy doing it, especially when I can also catch up on podcasts.  I can only listen to podcasts when driving or painting, any other activity and I can't focus on what people are saying.

I figured out a decent way to get the paint to mix, dropping in some hematite discs and fitting the paint into into my drill for a nice little spin really picked up a lot of the lumpy ones.  I also figured that painting on the Bones material is doable but you can't mix down the paint with water - just paint right from the bottle.  Also next round I'll probably paint all the shadow areas with some black when I'm doing the base coat, because unlike on the primed figures, the dark wash really beads up and away on any areas of Bones plastic you might have missed.  Nothing like having white peeking through to spoil the illusion.

Anyway the first two pictures are finished minis* that I posted before

Axe guy
Barcephalus the Elf.  His boots are not so very red in real life...
The second two are minis that are not quite finished but that are coming along pretty nicely.
You never call meeeee...
Yes those are purple hulk pants
*washed, drybrushed, based and sealed with dulcote.  Yes that is marjarom in with the rock dust.

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